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Info for customs agents

Customs agents working for clients of VAT plus

Customs agents that provide services to clients of VAT plus GmbH should read the following information carefully. 

When VAT plus GmbH acts as fiscal representative of a foreign company, the client will use the following address for purposes of import declaration: ℅ VAT plus GmbH, Jubiläumsstrasse 18, 3005 Bern. By this indication VAT plus GmbH does not become the contract party or debtor of the customs agent. Instead, the party (not VAT plus GmbH) that commissioned the services of the customs agent, is the contract party and debtor of the customs agent. 

Import documents, commercial correspondence and invoices for services must be sent directly to the foreign company (abroad) and not to VAT plus GmbH. In case nevertheless import documents, invoices or commercial correspondence for clients is sent to the address of VAT plus GmbH, this mail will be returned. 

In case of debt collection for account of VAT plus GmbH for services that third parties provided to clients of VAT plus GmbH, but for which nevertheless VAT plus GmbH is treated as debtor by the debt collector, VAT plus GmbH will take up legal action against the debt collector, including -but not limited to- filing of criminal charges where appropriate. The same applies to companies that send invoices to VAT plus GmbH for goods or services that were ordered by clients of VAT plus GmbH.

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