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VAT controversy

Disputes about VAT treatment

The appropriate VAT treatment is not always unequivocally clear. Regularly suppliers and corporate customers have different opinions about the correct VAT treatment. Such disputes can rise during contract negotiations, in the scope of the invoicing process, or after a rejected VAT refund request on grounds that the supplier should not have charged VAT.

Practice shows that when disputes about VAT treatment rise suppliers are often unwilling to admit their wrongful treatment and are reluctant to cooperate to solve the issue. VAT plus is experienced with handling these kind of disputes, which are normally time consuming to bring to a good end.

A different category of disputes are those with the tax authorities about VAT treatment. Such disputes can have their cause in conflicting evaluations of the facts and/or their legal qualification. VAT plus offers the legal support for this kind of dispute resolution.

Legal support is not only offered once conflicts arise. Already before VAT compliance becomes effective dispute resolution can become an issue. Namely, with an eye on preventing disputes and implementing the steps necessary for dispute-free compliance experience.

Trade Statistics

The trade volume is an indication of the possible impact that a trade barrier may have for companies of the other trading partner. When focusing on Switzerland, several regulations can be identified that qualify or may qualify as trade barriers for foreign companies that have business activities in Switzerland.

The European Union is one of the main trading partners of Switzerland. The statistical information hereafter gives an impression of the trade volume.


source: European Commission

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